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Grant Proposal Writing

Writing grants to serve the greater good since 2006.

Support and grow your organization with professional grant services from Christina Beringer at Beringer Consultations. To continue your good works, you'll need a strategic plan and funds to achieve it. Christina received a certificate in Grant Proposal Writing from Fort Hays State University in 2008 and has helped bring more than $385,000 to northwest Kansas with hopes of adding your next grant proposal to list.

Grant Prospecting


Locating one potential funding source amongst thousands can be a full time job. Spend your staff's valuable time on other tasks and let Beringer Consultations find and identify grants that your organization is qualified for and likely to receive.


After first discussing your organization's mission and upcoming funding needs, you'll receive a comprehensive report of up to 20 potential funding opportunities currently available that your organization is qualified to receive.

Service packages are offered for one month or consecutively for three months, six months or twelve months. 

Grant Management


A grant manager is best suited for organizations who are juggling several grant programs at once and whose bookkeepers and program directors are already spread just a little too thin.


The scope of work goes far beyond what a typical project director, bookkeeper or grant writer does. Beringer Consultations can implement and monitor programs and budgets for one or all of your grants. These services include ensuring funder compliance regulations and evaluations are met, tracking grant activities, making sure expenditures are spent within the parameters of your proposal and are correctly documented, ensuring all grant goals and objectives are met in a timely manner, assisting with reporting requirements, guiding communications between you and your funding agency, and guiding you through project challenges.


Contact Beringer Consultations for a free quote today. 


If you are new to writing grants, are pressed for time or lack confidence in your writing skills, then hiring Beringer Consultations should be a top priority. In the long run, hiring a professional will cost your organization less and result in a higher quality proposal with a better chance for funding.

Grant Writing


Dramatically improve your chances of receiving grant funds by hiring a Certified Grant Proposal Writer.


Submitting a successful grant proposal is a delicate tight rope to walk: you've got to accurately convey your passions and funding needs in such a way that speaks volumes to the funding agency and their philanthropic goals. With over 13 years of experience working both sides of the grant world (as a grant seeker and as a foundation board member), I've got some tips and tricks to share that'll give your grant proposal a competitive advantage over the rest.


You may be new to the grant arena or a seasoned writer with too much on your plate: either way, Beringer Consultations can help. Every first consultation is *free and many grants can be written with little cost to your organization. Completing a successful proposal is a partnership where you provide the vision and pertinent information, and I skillfully put it to paper.


Editing, Technical Assistance & Grant Proposal Rewrite


Before submitting your proposal for funding, let Beringer Consultations ensure all of your i's are dotted, t's are crossed and receive recommendations on positioning your proposal in such a way to impress grant reviewers.


Benefit from Beringer Consultations' expertise by sending your drafts or declined grant proposals in for review.

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