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Small Business Success Story

Nesting Opens for Business July 2016


Fort Hays State University

Kansas Small Business Development Center

Colby Outreach Office

"You don't have to tell Christina Beringer to dream big. Her passions and interests in natural parenting drove her to start her own business. She was frustrated with not having a local outlet for buying natural and attachment parenting products. Christina recognized the opportunity as she knew that other people were feeling as unsatisfied as she was.

Nesting is located in downtown Colby, Kansas. The boutique offers unique nursery furniture and decor as well as cloth diapers, wraps, swaddles and other natural and organic green living products. Nesting is the only store of its kind between Denver and Wichita.

Christina says her greatest challenge was scaling her business idea down to a more manageable level. She says, "In the beginning, I had so many grand ideas of what products I could offer and so many services that I want to provide. My initial concept was too big, too much, too soon."

When Christina began working with Allie Kastens, a consultant with the Kansas Small Business Development Center, they created a projection worksheet that helped her better understand the financial challenges of owning a business. Their discussions lead her to create a much simpler business model. The business now meets her expectations as well as her customers' needs and provides room for growth."

Christina Beringer is welcomed into the business community by Ambassador leader Mike Wiens, President of BankWest of Kansas.

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