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Contracts don't have to be boring.

Wedding at Shiloh Vineyard & Winery, photo courtesy of Kara Hackney Photography

Wedding photo taken at Shiloh Vineyard and Winery in WaKeeney, Kansas; courtesy of Kara Hackney Photography.

I've found a little niche in helping local wedding professionals, venue locations and photographers jazz up their boring contracts and rental agreements into something spectacular to wow clients and make a stellar first impression. By the end of the project, their contract looks more like a beautiful coffee-table magazine complete with a booking form, prices and packaging information, unique positioning statements, photography and the legal mumbo-jumbo.

These days, modern brides are educated, well versed and particular. They aren't going to hire just anyone-- thanks to the internet, they've done their research and know what to expect from a so-called professional. In addition, most brides aren't going to feel comfortable paying a deposit or hiring a person without first signing a contract. They want to feel protected, and therefore not only does a contract need to be concise and detail oriented, but it also needs to be beautiful to help you stand out from the rest.

So far, Beringer Consultations has created beautiful contracts for the Prairie Museum of Art and History in Colby, Kan., which highlights the largest barn in Kansas-- the Cooper Barn; Bow Creek Photography (Photographer Amanda Richards happens to be one of the most personable and enthusiastic photographers I've ever met); and Shiloh Vineyard and Winery.-- where couples have the opportunity to tie the knot in a beautiful rustic barn set alongside the only vineyard of western Kansas.

Click HERE to see the project created for Bow Creek Photography in early 2017. The project completed for Shiloh Vineyard and Winery can be seen by locating the section on my main page showcasing my most recent projects.

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