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Beringer Consultations lands a published press release for Nesting

Writing a press release can be intimidating; it is a complex balancing act to get your message across while also meeting the agenda and deadline of your intended publication and the interests of their readers. Of course, simply writing a press release and submitting it for publication doesn't guarantee it will actually be printed or shared.

Let Beringer Consultations manage your public relations and press release efforts for you. With a Bachelor degree in Communications, an emphasis in Public Relations and experience working as a reporter for the Colby Free Press-- you can rest easy knowing your message is being delivered is the best way to attract the attention from a publisher.

Feel free to read Christina Beringer's most recent press release. It is being published along with a few photos in this week's special edition from the Colby Free Press in relation to the heavily anticipated arrival of the first baby born in Thomas County in the new year. You can find the story HERE. And, you are welcome to learn about Christina's retail store called Nesting by visiting her FACEBOOK PAGE.

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