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Great Photos Make a Big Difference


I'll keep this blog post simple and to the point.

Don't spend your hard earned income on advertising or marketing if your photos are not of good quality.

Nobody wants to see a dimly lit room full of people. And most definitely, nobody wants to see the backs of their heads, either. Even if you are trying to show off how many people you can fit in that room-- Just.Don't.Do.It!

You want your marketing efforts to stand out from the rest. You want to showcase your best features. And, you can do that easily with great quality photographs.

Now I'm not saying you have to spend a million dollars on the best "natural light" photographer in the tri-state area who might nickel and dime you for the rights to every picture. And, you don't have to spend a million dollars on photography lessons, either. All you need is Beringer Consultations *wink wink*-- I can turn your blah photos into something spectacular. You'll see the difference quality makes in your bottom line.

Here's an example of a photo I edited this afternoon for a project I'm currently working on. Take a look at the "before" picture (below) supplied by the client... and see how a little editing can make a big difference (above)!

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