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One FREE New Rule of Business Success and One Easy Action Step to Increase Search Engine Rankings

Business Owners of Colby, Kansas, who attended Schallert's Destination Bootcamp in Sept. 2017. From Left Christian Callihan, Jerry Gallentine of Colby Bowl, Matt Carmichael of NWKS Decorating, Megan Carmichael of Citizens Medical Center Foundation, Charlene Kaus of Moonlight Gardens, Economic Development Director Vernon Hurd, Christina Beringer of Nesting and Destination Bootcamp President Jon Schallert.

Business expert Jon Schallert shares his "New Rules of Business Success" with entrepreneurs of NW Kansas

COLBY, KAN. (Wednesday, March 21, 2018) – Destination Business Bootcamp Expert Jon Schallert of Longmont, Colo., was in Colby, Kan., this week offering a few easy, affordable and practical ways to grow a business. Schallert is the only consultant and professional speaker who teaches businesses and communities how to turn themselves into Consumer Destinations.

Including about a dozen entrepreneurs from Thomas County, Kan., he has spoken to thousands on his proprietary 14-step "Destination Business" process, which he developed over the course of 31 years by studying and interviewing over 10,000 independent business owners in over 500 cities and towns.

In Colby, he focused his three-hour workshop on "The New Rules of Business Success," where Colby business owner Christina Beringer of Nesting and about 40 other local entrepreneurs, learned the most powerful, easily implemented, low cost methods to drive more customers to their businesses, while also changing an entire marketplace.

Beringer owns the only independent baby and maternity boutique in western Kansas and the tri-state area that specializes in nursing and maternity support, offering many modern parenting innovations that can’t be found elsewhere from Salina to Denver. She is one of about a dozen other locals who has attended Schallert's two and a half day Destination BootCamp and Community Reinvention Program in Longmont. The intensive training was made possible thanks to scholarships from the Thomas County Economic Development Alliance and Network Kansas.

"I attended Destination BootCamp in September 2017 and I'm already seeing drastic improvements in my monthly sales because of ideas I've already implemented in my baby and maternity boutique," said Beringer. "I've developed some strategic marketing strategies, a loyalty program and learned a few tricks that have made day to day operations easy to manage."

On Wednesday morning, March 21, Schallert's New Rules of Business Success workshop attracted about 45 participants. The first rule might have been a hard pill for some business owners to swallow as Schallert explained, "these days, being average and sometimes even above average doesn't cut it."

"Small businesses no longer compete simply with one store down the street or across the mall," he said. "They now must learn to distinguish themselves so they become destinations for customers around the world and out on the internet. Traditionally, people market to their local area within 15 minutes. The problem is in today's economy, you need more."

Many attendees left Schallert's workshop with a print-out of his presentation and scribbles, notes and to-do lists to complete on their own time.

"I'm a compulsive note-taker and oftentimes I don't do anything I set out to accomplish. Schallert’s workshops have taught me simple tricks to stay on top of my goals and since Wednesday, I have already utilized one of Jon's suggestions,” Beringer went on to say. “I went ahead and created a Google business page. It was so simple to do. It is free, took about twenty minutes and then I sent out a request on my Nesting facebook page asking customers to write me a review. Two hours later, I had my first review.”

Schallert explained how important it is not not only have a Google My Business listing, but that business owners also need to update it regularly and ensure the information is accurate. He added that reviews help improve a business' internet rankings on search engines which in turn helps consumers find local services and merchandise more easily.

His morning workshop ended with Schallert giving contact information to some of his favorite social media experts, freelance writers and a shopping analytics tool that attendees can utilize on their own time.

Visit Schallert's website at to learn more about his Destination Bootcamp and to register for upcoming workshops. To learn about other events sponsored by the Thomas County Economic Development Alliance, call Executive Director Vernon Hurd at (785) 460-4511.

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